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About Us

PKC Promoters and some of their achievements.


Would you like to learn more about How To Learn your martial art?  

Would you like guidance in your pursuit of higher belt ranks in your system?  Would you like to find out how you can acquire a certified martial arts title?  (Not the pretend and "made up" titles that too many phony martial artists claim)

Have you re-located, but would like to continue your martial arts training?


PKC Region 1 has a number of credentialed individuals that can help you in reaching your goals.  Contact us for answers to these questions:

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PKC Region 1 has a reputation for fair, efficient and professional judging of competitor performances.  This is because we insist that all of our promoters take and pass a National Referee and Judges Certification process.  


We also offer this same training to ANY and All adults who wish to qualify as a Certified Center Referee or Corner Judge that is Not just some person that comes out  and says they can judge because they claim to have "been around martial arts for years" like you find at lesser quality events.  


If you wish to learn more about how to properly assess competitor performances and become certified in such, contact us

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Every martial arts school owner needs help from time-to-time.  It's very important, although not easy, to find established, proven and trusted sources that can help school owners improve your martial arts business.


PKC Region 1 offers  business development and training for our PKC Associate Schools martial arts school owners.  We have a team of professionals, with advanced degrees in business and years of successfully operating martial arts schools, who will teach you how to improve your enrollment, retension and business operations. 


Special seminars and classes are held to provide the tools a martial arts school owner needs to improve their business.

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