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Benefits of being a PKC Region 1 Member

In PKC Region 1, both Associate Schools and Individual Members can not only have opportunities to compete and get properly recognized among the best, but also, both schools and individuals can enhance their martial arts learning and training.  Special seminars are available and provided to help PKC Associate Schools build and maintain enrollment, improve curriculum, and operate at a profit.


Special seminars and training sessions are also available and provided for individual members, regardless of style, that is certain to enhance one's training and learning.  Want to learn how to have a more successful martial arts school?  Want to continue your learning and training, although circumstances or distance prevent your training with a teacher or system you started with?  Want to learn how to perform better?  Want to learn how to help your teacher and martial arts facility?  Want to learn how to be an excellent tournament official?  Just contact PKC Region 1.

Contact Us:

We are here for you

P.O. Box 1973  Calumet City, IL  60409

Cell Access

Mr. J. Venson: 773-398-5425
Mr. R. Venson: 262-894-7855

Championship Level Competition


You'll find some of the most outstanding competitors in America performing at PKC Region 1 events.   The PKC sanctions tournaments across the U.S. and Canada.  In PKC Region 1, our events are renowned for having great competition, fair judging, and a pleasant atmosphere.  When you see the PKC logo on a tournament flyer, it is the equivalent

to the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval”.  Competitors can be assured of getting their money’s worth at PKC sanctioned events.


PKC Region 1 Members receive competition ratings points and are rated in both National and Regional Competition Ratings Point Standings.  Each year, a Regional Champions banquet is held in February to honor Region 1 Champions from the previous competition season.   An annual National Champions banquet is also held in conjunction with the PKC Internationals Tournament & Convention, where National Point Champions are honored for the previous National competition season.


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